Standard Steel

Technical Papers

Technical papers published by Standard Steel highlight wheel manufacturing and inspection improvements at the Burnham, PA, plant and also focus on the effects of braking systems on wheel service performance.

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Authors are/were employees of Standard Steel (at the time the paper was written) unless otherwise noted below.

Note that these files are all in Adobe PDF format, and may be fairly large. File sizes are noted after the authors name(s). Also listed with some authors are links to their companies, when requested

Advantages of Damage Tolerant Approach using Automated Eddy Current Nondestructive Inspection of Freight Car Axles
      by Jay Galbraith, Fran├žois Vicat (Evident NDT) (460k)

Previously published technical papers:

Alternative Microcleanliness Measurement Methods For Wheel Steel
      by Cameron Lonsdale, Jay Galbraith, Jean-Marc Bohlen (Thermo Electron Corporation), Brad Cooley (Thermo Electron Corporation), & Paul Meyer (GE Inspection Technologies Inc.) (184k)

Analysis of Wheel Repair Data for a Coal Car Fleet
      by Cameron Lonsdale (124k)

Effects of Increased Gross Rail Load
      by Cameron Lonsdale, Steven Dedmon, & James Pilch (118k)

Railroad Axle Stress Results
      by Cameron Lonsdale, Steven Dedmon, & James Pilch (111k)

Effect of Wheel Impact Loading on Shattered Rims
      by Daniel Stone (Transportation Technology Center, Inc.), Semih Kalay (Transportation Technology Center, Inc.) & Cameron Lonsdale (224k)

Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection...
      by Paul Meyer, Ph. D. (Krautkramer Branson), John Traxler, Richard Wagner & Cameron Lonsdale (425k)

Wheel Rim Residual Stress Measurement
      by Cameron Lonsdale, et. al. (195k)

Current Freight Car Braking Ratios
      by Todd Snyder (Union Pacific), David McConnell (Union Pacific), James Rees (Interswiss) & Cameron Lonsdale (32k)

RWMEC Residual Stress
      by Francois Demilly (Valdunes), Valerio Del Fabbro (Valdunes), & Cameron Lonsdale (600k)

Use of Phased Arrays For Ultrasonic Testing of Railroad Wheels
      by Cameron Lonsdale & Paul Meyer (Krautkramer Branson) (29k)

Recent Improvements in Wrought Railroad Wheel Production at Standard Steel
      by Cameron Lonsdale and Robert Swartzell (253k)

Field Determination of Braking Ratios for Cars in Coal Service
      by Cameron Lonsdale, Samuel Luke (Independant), Mark Lowe (Tekscan), & James Rees (Interswiss) (487k)