Standard Steel

Company Profile

Standard Steel is a leading manufacturer of forged steel wheels and axles for freight railcars, locomotives and passenger railcars. It is the only producer of forged steel wheels for railcars and locomotives in North America.

Customers include major Class I railroads in North America, freight railcar builders, railcar and locomotive maintenance shops, the Amtrak national railroad, locomotive builders and regional transit authorities.

Standard Steel, LLC, and its affiliated companies were purchased by Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation in 2011, but the existing facility has been producing forgings since 1795. In 2012, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. merged with Nippon Steel Corporation to become Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, the majority owner of Standard Steel.

Standard Steel's manufacturing plant is located at 500 North Walnut Street in Burnham, Pennsylvania.